Monday the 3rd until Sunday the 9th of August (week 32)

at Inspiratoriet on Samsø
Sildeballe 17, 8305 Samsø

Immerse yourself in transformation  

a one week summer retreat on Samsø with Jeppe and co.

There are countless offers and ideas out there; do this, become that; happier, richer, prettier, healthier, smarter...

This is different.

Simultaneously more and less ambitious: real transformation is possible, but there are no quick and easy shortcuts. Instead, there is an amazing and enchantingly long journey ahead.

Based on Jeppe's thoughts - and coming book - about the four corners of change and how to become what you are, we will work with a variety of good tools, that all start from and revolve around the same basis: become aware of - and gradually approach - reality. It isn't necessary to imagine anything or to be convinced of anything. Reality will show us the way forward and what we need.

Through yoga and Alexander Technique we are confronted with our bodily reality.

Our emotional state becomes clearer through silence and through contact- and care-work.

By eating simple and nourishing food, and perhaps fasting, we are faced with our relationship to food.

And through conscious reflection, we integrate the new experiences in our way of understanding and thinking about the world.

It all takes place in a safe and gentle atmosphere.

Through the course of the week we will work our way to a more neutral state. Both to experience and understand what "neutral" really means - and to have a chance to experience how much meaning and vitality, and how many possibilities are offered in the neutral. 

Each participant will receive an individual Alexander Technique lesson sometime during the week.

Alexander technique is a unique kind of body- and consciousness work that usually takes place in a one-on-one format. The teacher uses words and gentle contact to guide the student to new ways of experiencing his- or her body and self. It is a structured and systematic method for fostering and integrating new experiences and possibilities. And thus Alexander Technique is the perspective that brings the whole week together.

The lesson enables each participant to receive individual help and support to go deeper into the process.


Light breakfast from 7 am

Yoga 9-11 am

Brunch 11 am - 1 pm

Individual a-t-lessons / free-time 1-3.30 pm

Workshop, alexander technique, inner experience, sitting 4-5.30 pm

Dinner 6pm

Contact work 7.30-8.30 pm 

We will need everyone to help with small chores like dishes and tidying up etc. You will need to arrange for your own transportation to and from the retreat center. We can arrange pick-ups from the near by public transit stations. Car pooling will be arranged in the degree possible. 


The price includes everything: lessons, room and board. 

The meals are organic and vegetarian. We will probably be able to accommodate most special dietary requirements. Get in touch. 

Bed in a double room

6000 dkk

Single room (limited availability)

6600 dkk

For more info and registration, don't hesitate to contact Jeppe