Two 5-day summer retreats near the beach with Jeppe and co.

This year we have decided to offer two retreats:

  • one that is open to everyone: 23th-28th of July
  • One that is intended for the more experienced, who have perhaps been on a retreat with us before and want to dive deeper into the energetic and therapeutic experiences - or who already have long-term Alexander technique experience: July 28th - August 2nd

The two retreats will take place at the end of July / beginning of August, and this year we will be at a beautiful retreat place called Fyrregården, which is located close to Sejerøbugten, one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Denmark, on the North-Western coast of Zealand.

Both retreats are based on 'the four corners of change', which is the foundation of the process we call 'how to become what you are'. The four corners are 'body', 'food', 'emotions' and 'thinking'.

Yoga & Alexander Technique

23 - 28 July - for everyone

On the retreat 'for everyone', the starting point and focal point is the body, as it can be experienced, challenged, examined and listened to through yoga. It will be quite recognisable to those who know our daily yoga classes. At the same time, it will be an opportunity to get a closer look at the more comprehensive model and be introduced to how we include working with food, emotions and thinking in a general process of transformation. Read more and check the full program here...

Alexanderteknik & Yoga

28 July - 2 August - for the more experienced

On the retreat 'for the more experienced', we expect you to be comfortable (enough) and willing to work in all 4 corners. You are willing to experiment with food, have the courage to work with and share both difficult and nice feelings and be willing to explore and challenge your normal thinking. At the same time, of course, we constantly return to and hold on to the bodily reality. Read more and check the full program here...

The Four Corners of Change

The four corners BODY, FOOD, EMOTIONS and THINKING each represent an area that can be worked on to foster personal transformation. Through yoga and Alexander technique, we encounter our bodily reality. Our emotional state becomes more apparent in silence and through contact and care work. By eating simple and nutritious food and by possibly fasting, we are confronted with our relationship to food. And in shared reflection, we integrate the new experiences into our way of understanding and thinking about the world. During the retreats, we work towards an increasingly neutral state. Both to experience and understand what that really means - and to experience how much meaning and life and how many possibilities lie in the neutral.

The Alexander Technique

Alexander technique is a unique form of body and consciousness work that usually takes place as one-on-one lessons. The teacher uses though words and listening touch to guide the student to new ways of experiencing themself and their body. It is a structured and systematic method of creating and integrating new experiences and possibilities. And in that way, Alexander Technique is the perspective that binds the entire retreat together. Each participant receives (at least) one individual lesson during the retreat, which provides an opportunity for individual guidance and support to go deeper into the process. Read more about alexander technique here...


The retreats take place at Fyrregaarden, on Matolievej 14, 4573 Højby, close to Sejerøbugten.

Here it will be possible to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and each other's company or turn more inwards into oneself. The retreat site is a ten minute walk from the beautiful beach and the nature-rich area Ellinge Lyng. It is possible to enjoy a wood-fired wilderness hot-tub and to relax in the small private forest area.

All meals are organic, vegetarian and delicious. We will probably be able to accommodate most special dietary needs. Contact us.

There will be a need for everyone to help a little with dishes, tidying and such.

You have to transport yourself to the retreat site, but we can possibly arrange pick-up by public transport. Car-pooling will be organised to the extent possible.


The price includes everything: content, room and board. 

We are counting on being able to carry out the retreat as described. Should we have to cancel due to corona, you will of course get your money back.

Yoga and Alexanderteknik - foreveryone: 23 - 28 July

bed in a double room

6000 dkk

Yoga and Alexanderteknik - foreveryone: 23 - 28 July

single room (limited availability)

6600 dkk

Alexanderteknik and Yoga - for the experienced: 28 July - 2 August

bed in a double room

6600 dkk

Alexanderteknik and Yoga - for the experiencd: 28 July - 2 August

single room (limited availability)

7600 dkk

Both retreats

bed in a double room

10600 dkk

Both retreats

single room (limited availability)

12600 dkk

For more info and registration, don't hesitate to contact Jeppe or (+45) 27 20 13 43