VIRKELIG is a place for working with transformation and connection in the most comprehensive and real way we know of. We work in a systematic and structured way with all four corners of transformation: body, emotions, food and thoughts. Based on his more than 20 years experience as a yoga teacher and more than 10 years experience as an Alexander Technique teacher, Jeppe guides the shared ambition of fostering deep and authentic connection through deep and real transformation. The framework of the work is described in Jeppe's upcoming book 'How to become what one is'. 



The fall yoga classes are up and running without any corona restrictions. Stay up to date here, on our facebook, instagram or sign up for our newsletter (above).  

If you would like to practice yoga at home, but need help remembering the Astanga sequence, see here!

Jeppe is now a senior candidate at the Danish Jung Institute and taking clients for jungian psychotherapy.  Read more here.

New yoga teacher training 

Jeppe's new concept!

The yoga teacher as a transformation guide - beginning in January 2025

We are launching a new training program that will enable us to work with deep transformation over an extended period of time within the framework of regular daily life. As an organic part of the process, pupils will be qualified to teach yoga. 

The training lasts 2 years and combines the shared group experience with an extensive and intensive individual process.

Read more here.