Alexander technique is a method through which one experiences, explores and gradually integrates the reality of being anchored bodily in the world.


Alexander technique offers a unique way of working with the body. It can help adresse areas, that are very often overlooked otherwise. You gradually learn to become better coordinated, more free and effortless in your movements, and experience a deep inner connectedness. The body can actually be a great source of fun and pleasure.


Through Alexander technique you work towards finding an ever more clear bodily presence. It is actually possible for the body to be experienced as vital, powerful and deep, and such experiences bring calmness and satisfaction.


Alexander technique works therapeutically, in the sense that if psychological issues reveal themselves when working with the body - be it through movement or stilness - these can be met, held, and gradually integrated. When that happens it brings a deep sense of meaning in life. 


Alexander technique lessons take place one-on-one, and a lesson usually lasts 55-60 minutes. Many already experience benefits from their first lesson, but it is usually advised to expect a longer process to reap the full benefit and achieve lasting effects. 

1 lesson

60 min

800 dkr

10 lessons

6500 dkr

Payment by bank-transfer to account: 3409
Kontonr. 13188998

It is also possible to pay cash.  

If you want to book a lesson, or if you would like to know more, contact Jeppe at or call (+45) 27 20 13 43.

Student stories

All Alexander technique experiences are unique. With each individual student there is a new encounter and a new story to develop. Read the stories from some of the students and Jeppe's reflections here.

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