At VIRKELIG you can train to become a yoga teacher/transformational guide and Alexander technique teacher. Both educations are something wholly unique, and much more comprehensive than almost anything else found in the realm of private healthcare.  


The education to become a yoga teacher / transformational guide is Jeppe's brand new concept; it offers a way of being able to work continually and deeply with transformation within the framework of a standard work week. As a part of the process, students will qualify to teach yoga. The training takes two years and combines group work with a comprehensive individual process. Read more here.


The training to become an Alexander Technique teacher takes 3 years, comprising 1600 hours. There are daily lessons (4 days a week), during the day and the education thus demands a great commitment and flexibility on part of the students. The reward: the chance to delve deeper into the inner transformational process than is possible in any other format - and the possibility to develop an extraordinary sensory sensibility. Read more here.