Jeppe's new concept!

I am currently in the proces of writing a book, that describes the fundamental framework underpinning all the work I do. The title of the book is 'How to become what one is', and contains the theoretical foundation for the new yoga-teacher training program.

Soon I hope to be ready to present the practical structure for the training program. But at this point, what I can say is that it will be a two-year program that can be described as an:




Expect a comprehensive proces, where the personal development of each student is the focal point on the journey towards becoming a yoga teacher. 

Besides yoga, the program will contain plenty of Alexander Technique, individual therapeutic work, relational-therapeutic work and much more. 

Students will graduate as a special kind yoga teachers with an eye for the general transformational potential in people - that working with yoga is only one variant of. 

I am sure it will be great!

The practical structure will resemble the structure of the previous yoga-teacher trainings, only this time there will be much more of everything: 

10 weekends a year for two years (total 20 weekends), covering the topics: Yoga, body, emotions, food, thought and alexander technique.

Group sessions one weekday-evening (Wednesday) every other week. 

Individual sessions (80 over the course of two years).

Unlimited yoga (at least 100 classes over the course of two years).

Assisting on yoga classes, when the student is ready. 

The plan is to start at the beginning of 2021. 

The group size is limited to 8 participants.

If you are curious, write to Jeppe at or call at 27 20 13 43.