Jungian psychotherapy

Jung conceptualised the life-long self-developement proces as 'individuation', and he claimed that blocked or partially blocked individuation lies at the base of most modern people's soul suffering. 

The unconscious has it's own goals and desires, and only by reaching a better understanding and integration of these, can we begin to move forward. This is the purpose of psycho analysis (which therefore might more appropriately be called synthesis). 

Jungian therapy is patient and long-termed. The unconscious cannot be coaxed or forced; it has it's own time it's own pace. Individuation is a life-long proces. An ideal jungian therapy process will very often span over several years.

Of course less than that can also be of great value and importance. But one should not come expecting a quick-fix. Psychological issues almost always have deep roots, and even a psyche that doesn't suffer from grave problems is a vast landscape, an amazing and amazingly complex area, that it takes years to become acquainted with.

Note that I, in the role as Jungian senior candidate, am limited to employing the Jungian approach in the classic conversational therapy setup (that means no mixing of Alexander Technique, no relational therapy and so forth).

The process of becoming a Jungian analyst is in ways far more demanding than most other therapist-educations: it takes 6 years, and only accepts candidates who already have a long university level education as well as several years of relevant work experience behind them. Furthermore candidate are required to undergo extensive therapy as well as supervision by experienced therapists. 

C. G. JUNG (1875-1961)


As a senior candidate of the Jung institute, I accept clients at a reduced price. As a starting point that means 400 dkk per hour. Special arrangements can be made for clients who want to come for weekly sessions over an extended period. 

Jungian psychotherapy

60 min

400 dkk

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