Alexander Technique and Sattva yoga

July 31st - August 5th - for the more experienced

an exploration of 'how to become what you are'

This retreat is a deeper dive into the exploration of 'how to become what you are', and the Alexander Technique will play an important role throughout, supporting the work in the four corners (body, emotional, food- and thought-related). Every day will start with a sattva yoga session that warms up and creates increased bodily awareness. In the afternoon and evening sessions we will dive even deeper into the inner experiences and contact work and practice feeling our own and others' nervous system. Each participant will receive three Alexander Technique lessons; one with Jeppe, one with Sarah and one with Anne, serving as an opportunity to experience and reflect on different ways in which the Alexander technique can be expressed. Every day the body will be examined in yoga, and every evening we will work with meditation and contact work. We will also investigate how food and fasting affect us, and it is possible to try a fast for up to 3 days in a safe, gentle and supportive atmosphere.



Arrivals from 16

Dinner and welcome 18

Contact work 19.30-21


Light breakfast (or fasting) from 7

Yoga 9-11

Brunch (or fasting) 11-13

Individual a-t-lessons / free time 13-16

Workshop and theory 16-17.30

Dinner (or fasting) 18

Meditation and contact 19.30-21.00


Light breakfast from 7

Yoga 9-11

Brunch 11-13

Individual a-t-lessons/ free time 13-16

Workshop and theory 16-17.30

Dinner 18

Festivities! 20 ->


Breakfast from 9

Shared ending and goodbyes 10-12


The price includes everything: content, accommodation and meals.

All meals are cooked on premises from the highest-quality ingredients. Expect hearty, wholesome, simple, vegetarian, organic, and delicious food. Most specific dietary needs can be accommodated. Please contact us.

bed in a shared room

7400 dkk

single room (limited availability)

8400 dkk

For more info and registration, don't hesitate to contact Jeppe or (+45) 27 20 13 43