Try Alexander Technique as a practice-student 

Experience alexander technique as a unique kind of body-consciousness work.  

Alexander technique can be helpful in alleviating concrete bodily troubles, and also point to some much deeper ways of being present with the body, without necessarily addressing specific problems. 

The alexander technique trainees need practice students to practice on, on their third and final year of training. 

In 2020 Anne and Sarah are on their third year, and ready to try working with practice students.

So if you're curious about Alexander Technique, this might be a good change to try it out.  

The lessons takes place in a one-to-one format. 

It takes place in VIRKELIG's space at Tagensvej on the first floor. A lesson lasts about 45 minutes.


A lesson lasts about 45 minutes

The first 5 lessons

total price

300 dkk

Following lessons

100 dkk

If you want to know more, or want to book a lesson get in touch with Anne or Sarah.

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